1. Where can I register for Camp Rondo?  www.camprondo.com/registration

2. What are the ages for Camp Rondo?  6-17 years old

3. How many campers are in each session of the camp?  200+

4. What’s the ratio of campers to coach?  10:1

5. How much does it cost to attend Camp Rondo?  $230 per camper; lunch is not included but can be purchased separately at the time of registration or at the facility the week of camp. 

6. Do I receive a discount for multiple campers?  There is not discount for multiple campers at this time.

7. What are the payment options?  Payment is required during registration. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover & Electronic Check.

8. Where do I mail my check or money order?  Checks do not need to be mailed in and are now being processed electronically online. Payment is due upon completion of your registration.

9. What is the fee for paying online? $5.36 processing fee per child + 3.56% Credit Card processing fee (1.95% for checks)

10. How many days is the camp?  5 days; Monday – Friday

11. What are the drop-off and pick-up times for the camp?  Drop-off at 8:30am and pick-up at 4pm

12. Is Camp Rondo an overnight camp?  Camp Rondo is a day camp only.

13. Can I send my child, unaccompanied, to Louisville, KY?  All campers must be accompanied by an adult to Louisville, KY.

14. Does every camper need a waiver? Where can I find the waiver?  Every camper needs a waiver. Waivers are now signed electronically online during registration. 

15. Can my kids and/or neighbors be assigned to the same team?  All teams are divided evenly. We take in consideration the age, height, and skill of all.  We do not take request for assigning teams.

16. Where is the camp facility located?  Mid America Sportscenter | Located at 1906 Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY 40299

17. Are there hotels near the camp facility?  There are a group of hotels within 2 miles of the facility. Please enter “Jeffersontown”.  Hurstbourne Lane or Blankenbaker Parkway for the best search results.

18. Does my camper need to bring a basketball?  Basketballs are provided at the facility. Please do not bring a basketball to the facility.

19. Who do I contact for action photographs during the camp?  TBD

20. Can I stay to watch my child during the camp?  Family members are welcome to stay for the duration of the camp.

21. When is the last day that I can receive a refund?  Camp Rondo registrations are non refundable. However, you can purchase ACTIVE Refund at the time of registration. Once an online registration is completed, a registrant can no longer purchase ACTIVE Refund. For more information on the ACTIVE Refund terms and conditions please visit https://refund.active.com/termsandconditions

If you are unable to attend the Camp and did not purchase ACTIVE Refund, a registration credit can be issued for the full dollar amount of your registration. Credits are transferrable and valid for one full calendar year from the date of the original event.

In order to receive a credit, you must contact our Camp Administrator at info@camprondo.com prior to the start of the event to advise you would like to be issued a credit for the following year’s camp. — Updated July 21, 2020

22. What is the tax ID number for Camp Rondo?  Tax ID# 27-1623606